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Golf Development Program & Pathway

Introduce your kids to golf! We offer personalized development programs for kids aged 5 - 17 in a fun and engaging environment. No Clubs? No problem. The Golf Lab has everything needed to learn and development their golf skills. Contact Coach Kirk for more information at  705-543-1701 or click below to register today.

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  • Golf instruction: The program provides personalized, comprehensive instruction on all aspects of the game, including swing technique, putting, chipping, and course management.

  • Confidence building: Kids will have opportunities to practice and refine their skills, leading to increased confidence and comfort on the course.

  • Parent support: Parents will receive guidance and resources to help them navigate the junior golf world, including access to tournament schedules, equipment needs, and rules of the game.

  • Introduction to competition: We will introduce kids to competition in a supportive environment, where they can gain experience and confidence playing against their peers.

  • Team support: Kids will be supported by a team of experienced coaches and mentors, who will provide guidance and support throughout their development.

  • Opportunities to play with other kids: The program will provide opportunities for kids to play and practice with their peers, fostering a sense of community and friendship among the participants.

  • Pathway for advancement: The program is designed to provide a pathway for advancement, with opportunities to progress through different skill levels, compete at higher levels and be acknowledged for post secondary scholarships.

  • Focus on fun: Above all, the program is designed to be fun and engaging for kids, with a focus on instilling a lifelong love of the game of golf.

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