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Infinity Flex League

Hey there! Welcome to The Infinity Flex League – the coolest 18-hole league that's open to everyone, no matter your skill level. We just want everyone to have some fun this winter.

This is a handicapped Team Play League open to both Men and Women.

Here's the lowdown:

Each week you’ll compete for weekly prizes and earn points for your team to win season end cash prizes and the Infinity Cup!


To join the party, throw down $100 (100% of the registration fee will fund the cash prizes, amount will depend on how many cool folks are playing). You’ll be added as a league member and gain access to our league tee sheet that allows you to book your tee time weeks ahead of the public & at a discounted rate.


We’re designating Wednesdays as our league night for players who want to socialize and meet other players, but there’s no stress if you can’t make it – just book your round whenever it suits your schedule. You can also get your round in a week before or behind schedule, play solo or with friends – its your call. Super flexy. So flexible we put it in the name.


Your scores from the first three weeks will set your indoor handicap and this can and likely will be adjusted as the weeks play out.

Out of the 15 weeks, your teams 12 best scores will count toward the season.

We want to make this league as fair as possible so we’ll be making teams of 4 based on experience and handicaps. This doesn’t mean you have to play with your team. If you’d like to that’s awesome! We’re all about making friends.. but if you’re happy with the friends you have feel free to tee off with them each week. You’ll post an individual score for your team so it doesn’t matter who you play with.

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